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Khione is a bridge between the Mediterranean tradition and all those who have a passion for Italian “taste". Its mission is therefore to eliminate the distances between the small local producers of Sicily and the lovers of "good food". In a world where people are in a hurry and where not everyone has time or money to devote to the art of food, there will be Khione, which, thanks to my brother and his careful research, will select all the best local suppliers that reflect the values of tradition, quality and the environmental sustainability.


Khione is born from a passion for food my family has inherited for generations. I have always seen my family "create" and prepare fresh food with their own hands. I remember when, as a child, we used to pick olives to make olive oil, or when we used to pick fruits in order to prepare jams; and so it was for all the rest of the food we had at our table. If my mother had not prepared it herself, still it came from skilled and trusted hands.


It was observing my mother who made my grandmothers' recipes her own, that I learned respect and love for food, grasping the importance, value and benefit of those "slow food" times. My father owned an agri-food company, in which my brothers and I where always involved, driven by the passion he passed onto us.


Since an early age I lived in different cities, far from home, and suffered not only the distance from my loved ones, but also the lack of the aromas and flavours of my kitchen. Today, here in Cardiff, I find this nostalgic feeling also amongst my fellow countrymen, who, in an attempt to reduce the distances with their home, of-ten receive boxes sent by their families with typical food from Sicily.


From this common need, that I decided to bring a part of home to Cardiff, because HOME, is not only the place where you are born, but also where you choose to live. So why not reduce distances? As soon as I arrived in Cardiff, I was happily surprised of the deep interest the Welsh had with regards to Sicily, Sicilian food and the Sicilian way of life in general, thanks to the famous television series of Inspector Montalbano. In the series typical Sicilian foods are often mentioned, such as arancini, cannoli and cassata.


Speaking of my project with local people, enthusiastic about the Inspector Montalbano, I received much encouragement, and has gave me the strength to believe that it is a good initiative. The project is ambitious enough, because we would like to reproduce the same concept in different cities, starting from Cardiff, the city that has really made me feel at home. Wales, besides being a hospitable and beautiful place, is a place where people are kind, available and open to tasting foods from different traditions. And after all, Italy has always been famous for its unique flavours.


Khione wants to help small local Sicilian companies to make themselves known in the world and share their "Knowledge". We want to reduce distances, not only by selling products and food around the world, but we want, through the use of technology to show our customers, the love that companies put into making every single product.


We believe that it will lead people to start being more attentive to what they eat, we want to be part of this change and give our contribution.

Gloria Serena Arcerito

Founder & Director of Khione Ltd

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