Natale  2021

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The idea of ​​VEGATO was born in April 2020, in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

After many years, I heard from Vincenzo, a dear friend of my brother Flavio, who lives in Naples. On the morning of April 26, 2020, during a two-hour phone call, we told each other about our ideas and our projects.

Both driven by a strong passion and desire to achieve great things, we let ourselves be taken by our enthusiasm and we decided to combine our skills and create something special.

Vincenzo has a great deal of experience in the world of ice cream and desserts, over the years he has perfected recipes always aiming for quality.

I come from a family experienced in the world of food, from preserves to wine. Safeguarding the knowledge handed down by my family with pride and passion.

After months and months of exchanging ideas until I decided that during the pandemic and the Brexit transition it is time to start making VEGATO a reality.

We decided to focus only on a vegan recipe because the quality and taste of  Vegato is unmatched.


Vegato is an ice cream for everyone.

In the meantime, I also carry on the project I had with my brothers, that is to bring Sicilian excellence around the world.

During the various lock downs I juggled as a painter, carpenter, bartender and rented a garage where Khione's stock will soon be.

Amidst various difficulties and ups and downs, the first VEGATO finally arrived in Cardiff in July 2021: HAZELNUT, VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE to start with.


Ice Cream bike available to hire for special events


We already plan to add many other flavours, including STRAWBERRY, PISTACHIO, LEMON, MANGO, PASSION FRUIT and BISCUIT.

Other equally delicious products are also planned, of which I will not reveal the secrets yet. :)


None of this would have been possible without my family and above all without Chiaretta, my little, great designer, who spent nights and days for months to create Khione_vegato in all its grafic aspects. She was able to read my thoughts and put my business idea in black and white.


Thank you for your patience.


In addition, thanks go to all the people who have helped and supported me in these last years of my life, even with a kind word, with a smile or by helping me from a practical point of view.